Patricia Mera is originally from Cusco, Peru. She studied painting & drawing at Escuela de Bellas Artes & then moved to San Francisco, California, where she received a BFA in Illustration & Fine Arts at California College of the Arts. Her confluence of ideas are deeply influenced by her South American heritage juxtaposed with modern life, uniting scenes from her imagination to form pieces full of meticulous detail & fine line work. Mera's work draws on international movements of Dadaism & Surrealism, yet maintains subtlety and a sense of simplicity through design and minimalism. Mera has participated in group & solo shows in San Francisco, New York, Peru, Costa Rica, Orlando, Oakland, Berlin & Mexico City and has worked on projects at Miami Art Basel. Mera's work can also be appreciated in the forms of Tattoo, Mural Art as well as her own clothing Brand "FireHazard". She is currently based in Mexico City & travels around the globe often presenting her work.


Solo exhibitions 


Out of Space - Outdoor Mural, Mexico City, January 31th


Visual Talk - Universidad Jannette Klein, Mexico City, November 26th

Natural Dream - Outdoor Mural, Orlando Fl, April 24th

Double Dragon - Indoor Mural. SADE LA Gallery, Los Angeles, March 8th  

Book of Memories - Indoor Mural, Mexico City, February 9 


Woods - Outdoor Mural, Wynwood Art District, Miami 4th

Sneaks - Outdoor Mural, Wynwood Art District, Miami 2th

Dragon Glow - Indoor Mural, Mexico City November, 26th

Insights - Outdoor Mural, Los Angeles CA August, 7th 

Pure Energy - Indoor Mural, Mexico City, July 3 

Pocion - Solo Show, Mexico City, March 28th

Magic Frog - Indoor Mural, Mexico City, February 28th 

Tiger Hunter - Indoor Mural, Mexico City, January 26th

Snake / Rose Power Flower -  Indoor Mural, Mexico City, January 18th


Message of Love, Outdoor Mural, Brooklyn Ny November 28th

Omen - Outdoor Mural, Brooklyn Ny July 13th

3rd Eye - Outdoor Mural, Portland Or March 30th

Power Animals- Indoor Mural, Brooklyn NY March 25th

Night Watch – Indoor Mural, Mexico City, February 26th

Grow – Mural, Ciudad Neza Mexico, February 21st

Jelly Fish – Indoor Mural, Mexico City, February 16th

Towards the Pipes – Mural, Tulum Mexico, January 12th

Intuition – Mural, Tulum, Mexico, January 11th

Jungla – Mural, Tulum Mexico, January 8th


Abundance – Indoor Mural, Mexico City, December 12th

Jelly Fish – Indoor Mural, Mexico City, December 7th

Intuition Third Eye – Mural, Brooklyn, NY, June 14th

Emperor – Mural, Brooklyn NY, June 10th

Group Show


Underground, Indoor Mural, Mexico City March 5th

Baby Jaguar – Mural, Tulum Mexico, January 14th


Oracle - Group Show, Gama Crea Gallery, Mexico City, June 11th

Collaboration, Outdoor Mural Ovni Bus Roma, Mexico City, June 28th

©2020 by Patricia Mera

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