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Patricia Mera

Mexico City // NYC

La Escuela de Bellas Artes ( Cusco, PE ) // California College of the Arts (San Francisco, CA)

Patricia Mera ( Peruvian ) is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on Mural Art // Tattoo Art // Streetware design, featuring her work through her online shop, FireHazard

As a mural artist, she has painted in Berlin, NYC, LA, Miami, Portland, Mexico, Peru, & Costa Rica.

Pati primarily creates images of psychedelic drawings. Stylistically, the images very detailed, using fine line work, her tattoos in black ink and her murals mostly black and white. Her cohesive body of work, focuses on complex, surrealistic, mirrored images of animals and geometric /abstract shapes.

Always fashion conscious, Pati handmade clothing growing up and started her online shop recently. Launching her clothing brand FireHazard last year, featuring urban vintage clothing, and designer vintage from the 80s and 90s, as well as one-of-a-kind streetwear. Most clothing items are unisex. “We all can be androgynous and carry ourselves as we please. Our clothing should not define our sexuality. One for all.” Pati makes the street ware apparel designs, placing her drawing on the material through various techniques.

Currently, She focuses her efforts on expanding the brand FireHazard, traveling the world while tattooing and doing street art — always expanding as an artist and person; always refining her craft. She believes nurturing the artist community and helping other artists along the road to be equally important.

This creative, progressive powerhouse currently lives internationally between Mexico City and NYC.

Visit Patricia Mera at her private tattoo studio // show room in Centro Historico, Mexico City. Visit by appointment only.

For commissioned art // murals // tattoos, email:



Coming up

-Show Room FIREHAZARD – OPENED – Mexico City

-Private Tattoo Studio – OPENED – Mexico City

-New Collection of Long Sleeve Shirt – Original Work – Limited Edition ( Available )

www.firehazard.love / U.S online Shop  &  Show Room / Mexico City

-Los Angeles  – March 2018

-Peru / Colombia  – May 2018

-ORACULO Group Show – GAMA Crea Gallery / Mexico City – June 2018

-Islandia / Madrid / Paris / London /Berlin – Tattoo Tour – July 2018


Solo Exhibitions


Transformation – Mural Art Basel Miami, Wynwood FL, December 10th                                          Intertwined – Mural Art Basel Miami, Wynwood FL, December 2nd                                                                                       Planet / Dreams – Commissioned Mural – Studio by Dark, Los Angeles CA, August 12th                       Chakras – Commissioned Indoor Mural, Mexico City, July 10th                                                                    Poción – Solo Show, Mexico City March 31st
Animal – Three Indoor Murals, Mexico City January 26th
Espinas – Indoor Mural, Mexico City January 18th


Alchemy – Outdoor Mural, Brooklyn New York December 6th
Good Omen – Outdoor Mural, Brooklyn New York July 12th
The Other Side – Outdoor Mural, Portland Oregon May 16th
Power Animals – Indoor Mural, Brooklyn NY March 25th
Night Watch – Indoor Mural, Mexico City, February 26th
Grow – Mural, Ciudad Neza Mexico, February 21st
Jelly Fish – Indoor Mural, Mexico City, February 16th
Towards the Pipes – Mural, Tulum Mexico, January 12th
Intuition – Mural, Tulum, Mexico, January 11th
Jungla – Mural, Tulum Mexico, January 8th


Abundance – Indoor Mural, Mexico City, December 12th
Jelly Fish – Indoor Mural, Mexico City, December 7th
Intuition Third Eye – Mural, Brooklyn, NY, June 14th
Emperor – Mural, Brooklyn NY, June 10th
Psychedelic Dream – Mural, Brooklyn, NY. April 2th
Points of View – Mural, San Jose, Costa Rica. March 9th
Jungla – Mural , Envision Festival, Dominical, Costa Rica. Feb 26th-March 1st


Spectrum, Naming Gallery. Oakland, California. June 14th


Dizzy Hills, Retramp Gallery. Berlin, Germany. August 16th


Your Mind is the Weather, Tartine. San Francisco, CA. June 29th


Things We like, Blue Six Gallery. San Francisco, CA. July 30th

Group Exhibitions


ORACULO, Two People Mural, @Ovinubusroma Mexico City Julio 16th

ORACULO, Group Show, Mexico City Julio 7th

Secret Garden, Group Show, Orlando Florida April 21th

Quimera, Group show , Mexico City April 17th


Freakquinoccio, Group show , Mexico City March 17th


Underground, Indoor Mural, Mexico City March 5th
Baby Jaguar – Mural, along with You Only Always, Tulum Mexico, January 14th


Bushwick Open Studios – Mural, The JunXion Collective, Brooklyn, NY. Jun 6th and 7th
Double Decker Group Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. May 16th
Mural – Moon Light All Night, Envision Festival, Dominical, Costa Rica. Feb 26th-March 1st


Not Impossible Art Benefit, Wallspace Gallery, New York, NY. March 30th


If I Had a Reason, 915 Wyckoff Gallery. NY. June 24th
Three Colored Sky, La Casa de Cultura San Blas, Cusco-Peru. February 23th


All the Children Sing, The Lab Gallery, San Francisco, CA. April 7th


Thesis Show Arthur Rimbaud, CCA. San Francisco, CA. December 15th
One year Here, Incline Gallery. San Francisco, CA. December 10th
Group Show, Mezzanine. San Francisco, CA. December 3rd
Sink or Swim, Drip Studios Gallery. San Francisco, CA. October 13th
Advanced Research, Bruce Gallery. CCA. San Francisco, CA. October 11th
Life, Objects and Why Not, Adobe Books Backroom. San Francisco, CA. September 15th


Bread Art, Tartine. San Francisco, CA. September 15th

Indoor Block Party, The Secret Alley Gallery. San Francisco, CA. August 14th


Virginiadevault – Interview, CA

Redivider Journal, BostonRedivider Journal Website

Remezcla, NYC

BeautifulSavage, NYC

CuscoPolita, Peru




Email: art@patriciamera.com



Please direct all inquiries to the e-mail above.